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The HMA Clinic was opened in March 1994.  It initially specialized in interval hypoxic training. Over the years, its team of researchers and physicians has grown and its range of services expanded considerably.

Now the HMA Clinic offers a wide range of medical specialties covering specific areas of medicine: lung diseases, cardiology, gynecology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, dermatology, allergology, urology, gastroenterology, neurology, neuropathology, surgery, plastic surgery, etc.

The majority of specialists are candidates and doctors of sciences as well as professors from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 

 Indeed, the multiple services available to its patients enable the HMA Clinic to meet a wide variety of needs and to satisfy the most stringent requirements. Everything is entirely dedicated to the success of treatments and to the patients’ convenience: 24 hours service, 18 fully equipped rooms, including 3 suites in the in-patient department ready for reservation, day and evening in-patient department, consultations given by highly qualified specialists, diagnosis using advanced facilities and modern equipment, massage, cosmetology and individual dieting programs. Patients are certain to find the utmost expertise, optimised safety and hospitable and comfortable environment.

The HMA Clinic offers a comprehensive and highly efficient service. Here you are at best hands to achieve your health goals. Individual services meet the high standards for you to enjoy: each room has an access to internet, e-mail and international telephone lines, and is equipped with TV and video. You can use the services of our laundry and library. You can keep your valuables in an individual safe deposit box. A healthy diet is of great importance. An experience dietician will help with an individual menu, you can meet your friends in a friendly atmosphere of our restaurant.  The HMA Clinic collaborates with major insurance companies both Russian and international. The accompanying persons are welcome to share the same room with the patient or to stay in a separate room, full board. We can also help with the hotel reservations as well as a tour program.

The success of the Clinic, besides well known professional skills, lies in the Western standards (cleanliness, quality of the materials, etc.) and "Feel like home" credo which guide the Clinic’s policy.

The HMA Clinic team will answer all your questions and find optimal solutions to your problems. You deserve the best!

Hypoxia Medical Academy

89, Pyatnitskoye shosse, 141544 Moscow region (map)


+7 (495) 2312888

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